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NHS Trained

I am the only NHS trained qualified dyslexia therapist in the UK.

My training at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London was one of a kind. It is no longer available, as in the early 1980s dyslexia was deemed an educational problem. Until then, a GP could refer a patient, from anywhere in the UK. Dyslexia had been under the umbrella of medicine since it was first recognised in 1877.

Since dyslexia is a medical condition, it makes sense that it is 'owned' by medicine. However, it is now in the education domain. Diagnosis is left mainly to teachers. Dyslexia Therapists, like me, were trained in all aspects of psychology, occupational therapy and teaching.


Often a screening at school will fail to show dyslexia. I provide an impartial service; an honest opinion based on specialist qualifications and experience.


An accurate diagnosis by means of a holistic assessment is needed to pinpoint what is going on and what we can do to overcome it.


My qualifications (including a Dip Ed in the Assessment & Remediation of Specific Learning Difficulties and a Master's in Psychology) enable me to assess individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders including the syndrome associated with Asperger. 


The main interest of my practice has always been specific developmental dyslexia. This is a developmental condition found in those of average or above intelligence. However, I also deal with dyslexia acquired by accident or disease.

The key to assisting across the board, is multi-sensory therapy. Some people only come along for a one-off assessment for exam adjustments or grant aid when applying for university. However, I can offer help with all aspects of remediation - with any age group. Always on a one to one basis.

The key is accurate diagnosis and taking action. Dyslexic difficulties will not get better on their own. And if left, they can lead to psychological problems. Don't leave it any longer. Act now!


With You Every Step of the Way


Impartial Diagnosis

For peace of mind -  or for school, FE/HE (including DSA), adjustments in public or professional exams, employers.

A specific dyslexia test is applied, along with tests to establish ability and literacy levels. Also included is testing with coloured overlays after establishing convergence of the eyes. Plus tests of motor ability, including balance.


The cost for an assessment is £395 regardless of age. An additional £50 is charged for university students and adults seeking adjustments in professional exams. Even if DSA is not being sought, the university will require an approved report before you can apply for exam adjustments. (Prices in pounds sterling).


Dyslexia Therapy

Once we know what is going on with how the body is working with the brain, we can start to address how to put things right. We do that with multi-sensory therapy.


In my sessions, my unique approach will be used to solve current difficulties with literacy. But also to give the student strategies to help themselves and improve self-esteem. Forty minute sessions are offered once or twice a week. This is not just aimed at literacy. The aim is to get mind, body and soul working in unison.

Should you need to improve literacy standards quickly (to help with exams or tests) - then we can offer intensive sessions which can raise reading and spelling ages by years in a matter of weeks. This usually entails two hours one-to-one therapy a day, five days a week. This can be undertaken at our Centre and also outside of the UK by arrangement.


This applies to all age groups whether a young beginner reader or an adult struggling with dyslexia and has had remarkable results over 25 years.

Price on application.

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